Dishes By Doe

For more than 30 years, The Doe Fund, Inc. has provided a hand up, not a hand out to formerly homeless and incarcerated men. Through its award-winning Ready, Willing & Able program, The Doe Fund provides paid work, safe housing and occupational training. One such vocational track is our certified Culinary Arts Program. Dishes by Doe is a nonprofit catering affiliate of The Doe Fund. A byproduct of the Culinary Arts Program, Dishes by Doe provides hands on job training in the food service industry. Dishes by Doe is dedicated towards providing cost effective catering for a cause. All of the proceeds of our catering service go towards benefiting The Doe Fund and the men enrolled in the program. Each student enrolled in the Culinary Arts program graduates with 450 hours of hands-on experience, a Food Protection Certificate, a nationally recognized ServSafe license, and a Certificate of Completion in Customer Service Training. These tools enable the men  we serve to find jobs in some of New York City’s most-renowned restaurants and lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives. Fueled by hard work and a love of food, these men are making a difference in their lives and the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

One thought on “Dishes By Doe

  1. I’am an Australian who visited New York between Fri 19th – Mon 22nd September 2014. I had the great pleasure to meet some of your crew on the streets of New York! Having just finished my Tourism and Hospitality course 3 days earlier, it was wonderful to see what you New Yorkers were up to! As I have been involved, as a volunteer, on the NSW Central Coast, where I live, in a similar capacity, I was very moved to have a brief conversation with some of you and shake a few hands! it reinforced my pride in the industry I love and the Universal bond of ” Food” and all it entails. Unity, ! sharing and the enjoyment it brings when combined with love! Thank you for a brief, but fulfilling, moment in my travels! I hope to be back, sooner than later! cheers Glenda

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