Graduate of the Month: Anthony Martin

Graduate of the Month: Anthony Martin


Anthony, better known as “Tyson”, moved from North Carolina to New York City 20 years ago. Upon arrival, he searched hard for a job but was unable to find one. To support himself, Tyson turned to illegal activity and eventually found himself in prison.

On the inside, Tyson spent time reflecting on his past and the future he hoped to create. He decided that a life removed from society wasn’t a life worth living. He wanted more for himself, and, while incarcerated, he studied hard to earn his GED.

Once released, Tyson again attempted to find a job but came up short. He eventually learned about the opportunities available at The Doe Fund and decided to join our Ready, Willing & Able program.

After “pushing the bucket” as a trainee in the organization’s Community Improvement Project street maintenance enterprise, Tyson entered our Culinary Arts training program. He had long been interested in culinary arts, and, given the opportunity to engage in hands-on training and food service work, he soon began to excel in the kitchen.

In time, Tyson was hired as a full time staff member of The Doe Fund, where he serves the men in our program as a chef and educator. Tyson enjoys learning and is driven to continue refining his culinary skills. When asked what he loves about his job, he stated, “I love what I do because it’s a way to give back, and I love hearing people tell me how much they like the food I cook.”

Tyson is grateful for the many staff and trainees who have supported him through good times and bad, and is proud of his ability to offer the same support in return. Tyson is especially appreciative of The Doe Fund’s long-time Harlem Center for Opportunity head chef, Mr. James, who mentored Tyson in his months as a trainee and has continued to serve as a powerful role model to this day.

With the support of his peers, we are confident that Tyson will continue to prosper and grow, both personally and professionally. It is a pleasure to work together, and we wish him the best of luck in his journey to become the best chef he can be!


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