February Graduate of the Month: Angel Lopez


Angel, better known at The Doe Fund as “Lopez”, has fought through many trials and tribulations to get to where he is today. Following some setbacks early in life, Lopez had to make the critical choice of sliding into old habits, which could have led him back into the criminal justice system, or gaining real control of his future. In 2014, Lopez decided to turn a new leaf and join The Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing & Able program.

As is the case for all men who enter our program, Lopez began by “pushing the bucket” as he cleaned the streets of New York City. He was then introduced to our Culinary Arts Program and began taking the initiative to learn new skills and cooking methods. The fast-paced and energetic nature of the kitchen fueled his drive to become the best chef he could be, and Lopez was soon hired as the youngest food service employee at The Doe Fund. In this role, he has maintained his dedication to personal and professional development, and continues to improve every day.

Lopez enjoys watching cooking shows, researching recipes, and finding ways to perfect meals for all to enjoy. He receives great acknowledgement for the dishes he creates in our kitchen, and was granted the opportunity exercise his creativity in baking alongside our pastry chef for The Doe Fund’s emerging bakery program.

Lopez is grateful, proud of how far he has come, and enthusiastically awaits new opportunities to advance his education and career. He plans to complete his GED, enroll in culinary school, and eventually open his own business. He also strives to be a mentor to those who aim to better their lives, just as he has. We are extremely proud of his success and are eager to continue to watch him grow!

2 thoughts on “February Graduate of the Month: Angel Lopez

  1. Nicely done! sending lots of love to the food service crew ❤

  2. God bless you Angel, and that you are an Angel. A wise person told me as long as you take one step God will make two.

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