Graduate of the Month- Stevey

Graduate of the Month- Stevey


Stevey came to The Doe Fund in 2009 searching for peace of mind and purpose. Following a life of staunch dedication to military service, Stevey had found himself homeless and in need of an opportunity to get back on his feet. Ultimately, The Doe Fund provided Stevey with the tools necessary to secure a sense of composure and focus he had been struggling to recover.

In 1977, Stevey had been an executive chef in the military. As he entered The Doe Fund’s culinary training program, this background in food service served as the foundation for a reinvigorated life. Back in the kitchen, Stevey was once again able to do the work he loved. In doing so, he rediscovered a passion that inspired self-confidence and set him on a path to success.

Stevey is now working as a full-time employee of The Doe Fund’s culinary arts program, and continues to love his job. He is grateful for everything The Doe Fund has provided him, both professionally and personally. Stevey hopes to retire soon but would like to continue his culinary arts journey by opening his own food truck serving made-to-order American classics.

Stevey is proud of everything he has accomplished professionally, but he takes even more pride in the relationship he has begun to build with his two children.  In both his military and civilian roles, Stevey has devoted his life to serving others, and we are honored to call him a member of The Doe Fund’s culinary team. His continued perseverance and dedication to personal growth is an inspiration to everyone he encounters!


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