Food for Thought Friday- Sauces



Mastering the art of cooking is a journey that transcends simply reading recipe books or learning basic culinary techniques. Our culinary arts apprentices understand the tireless effort necessary to meet this challenge. Their focus and dedication in the kitchen, the classroom, and at our many catering events enables their evolution from trainees to food service professionals.

This week’s Food for Thought Friday further explores one key component of this learning curve; the art of making sauces. For anyone looking to take their gastronomic training to the next level, the saucier techniques described below should prove invaluable.

Reduction – The process of simmering a sauce to evaporate water and increase viscosity.

Béchamel – A sauce base containing butter, flour, and milk.

Velouté – A sauce containing a base of bone or vegetable stock thickened with butter and flour.

Allemande – A veal velouté sauce thickened with egg yolks and heavy cream, and seasoned with lemon juice.

Emulsification – The temporary or permanent combining of two liquids typically unable to be mixed.

Coulis – A viscous sauce composed of puréed and stained fruits or vegetables

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