Graduate of the Month- Angel

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Angel is a testament to the fact that it is never too late for a second chance. At the age of 60, after several years of incarceration, Angel decided to join Ready, Willing & Able and change his life for the better. Despite some early reservations, Angel heeded the advice of his career counselors and pursued training in the culinary arts.Angel graduated from the program in 2014 and has been working as a prep cook at the High Line ever since. When the High Line is closed for the winter months, Angel works at a variety of restaurant kitchens in downtown New York City.While Angel aims to retire in 5 years or so, he does not plan to ever stop cooking. Angel knows that no matter how old he gets, he will always want to give back by teaching others to cook.  Cooking is not just his job; it is his purpose and passion in life.Culinary arts gave Angel a second chance in life that he never imaged for himself. The Doe Fund instilled a sense of love and confidence that motivated him to be a better person and aspire for more. Angel not only learned how to prepare food but learned how to persevere and overcome adversity.If Angel were to give advice to someone entering Ready, Willing & Able, he would tell them to never give up no matter how hard it gets. He would urge them to take one day at a time and keep moving forward, never forgetting where they were and how far they’ve come. Angel’s strength is a true inspiration to all those who go through the program, and we are honored for him to be a member of The Doe Fund family.

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