Welcome to Culinary Arts at The Doe Fund!

Welcome to Culinary Arts at The Doe Fund!


Did you know that The Doe Fund has a Culinary Arts training program for formerly homeless and incarcerated men and women? For most of our long time readers, this is old news but for those of you who are new to Dishes by Doe it may be a surprise!

Most people know of The Doe Fund’s Ready Willing & Able Program by the “men in blue” who push the illustrious blue buckets and clean over 170 miles of New York City streets on a daily basis. This award-winning program provides the structural foundation for our culinary arts program that prepares our trainees to work in top restaurants and kitchens.

The Culinary Arts Training program provides hands-on training in our four cutting edge commercial kitchens. Our students take part in an intensive culinary arts curriculum where they learn the skills to become professionals in the foodservice industry. The standards in the food industry are very high in a place like New York City where there are thousands of restaurants all competing for the key to your stomach. Accordingly, we have created a rigorous curriculum to provide essential occupational training to ensure our graduates are truly ready, willing and able to take on the competitive kitchens of New York City.

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Take a journey through The Doe Fund’s 4 month Culinary Arts program and experience the transformative power of food!

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