Graduate of the Month: Mustafa

Graduate of the Month: Mustafa


I had the pleasure to meet Mustafa, a recent graduate of the culinary arts program at The Doe Fund. Having spent most of his adult life incarcerated, turned his path and his future around with the help of the Doe Fund.

Mustafa is driven by his passion for food and a commitment to self-improvement. When asked who inspired him most during his time in The Doe Fund, Mustafa didn’t hesitate to respond that it was his fellow graduates, themselves. He was empowered by their hard work and dedication.His ability to persevere through difficult times and his incredible resilience inspires everyone around him. He has a remarkable work ethic that was shaped during his time with The Doe Fund.

Since graduating from Ready, Willing & Able, he has been working at Eatly, an upscale dining establishment in Manhattan. In a short period of time, Mustafa established himself at Eataly as a valuable asset to their food services team. Mustafa began working at Eataly as a prep cook; within 9 months was promoted to a line cook. He is also in charge of managing the rotisserie in the evenings. Mustafa believes you can do whatever you want to do in life if you prepare and apply yourself. He has learned that the thing most people call luck is not random at all, but the result of preparation– a value that he believes is at the core of all success.

With a little preparation and a whole lot of hard work and passion, Mustafa has been able to change his life and excel in the food service industry. We are extremely proud of him and his ability to persevere. We are confident that Mustafa will continue to advance in the food industry as he works hard and follows his passions!

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