Introducing the Class of 2015: Philadelphia Edition!

Introducing the Class of 2015: Philadelphia Edition!


The Ready Willing & Able program in Philadelphia is small but mighty. Out of a facility that houses 70 men, an incredible half of them graduated this year. With 35 graduates, the Philadelphia program has become the flagship for success for the entire city and a hallmark of how to invest in people’s lives.

On Friday April 24th I had the pleasure of going to Philadelphia’s graduation to celebrate the Class of 2015. It was an honor to be a part of this memorable evening, coming together to celebrate the hard work put forth by our 2015 graduates. The ceremony was filled with heartwarming stories of resiliency that brought me to tears. I can happily say there wasn’t dry eye in the house.  Of course, these tears were not shed out of sadness but were instead a product of inspiration as we rejoiced in the beginning of a new chapter for our Philadelphia graduates.

We are incredibly proud of our 2015 graduates in both Philadelphia and New York City. As our graduates close this chapter of their journey at The Doe Fund, they are embarking on a new path and their futures could not be brighter!

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