Graduate of the Month: Broderick Fashaw

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On March 19th I had the pleasure to be a part of the 2015 Doe Fund Gradation. It was truly a night to remember filled with stories of hope, inspiration, resilience and of course hard work. At the Doe Fund we believe that work works and our graduates are a sentiment towards how incredibly true that is. It was an honor to meet these men and hear their incredible stories of determination and strength. One of the graduates, Broderick Fashaw was a part of the Food Services program and today is now working for the Board of Education as an afterschool culinary instructor. Broderick is passionate about cooking and education. Since graduating from the Doe Fund he has been able to channel his passion at work while teaching children how to cook. His culinary experiences at The Doe Fund act as the fuel to his fire that has allowed him to work in a profession that he loves, helping to inspire the next generation of master chefs.  We are extremely proud of Broderick’s successes and cannot wait to see what delicious concoctions are being whipped up in his kitchen!

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