RECIPE ALERT: Chef Will's Smokin' Collard Greens

RECIPE ALERT: Chef Will's Smokin' Collard Greens


For a second year in a row, one of our Harlem chef’s- William Crafton- and our Harlem staff rolled their sleeves up and served trainees at our Sankofa event for Client Appreciation Day. With the theme being Sankofa, which means “to give back”, our staff let the trainees take a seat while they took their order and served them food- restaurant style! The food that was served represented many locations throughout the globe including catfish, quesadillas, baked mac and cheese, collards and pulled pork. Since our collards were a “fan favorite” throughout the event, we decided to share the recipe with our wonderful followers!

Chef Will’s Smokin’ Collard Greens


2 Bunches Fresh Collard Greens, Julienne Cut

2 Shallots, Diced

1 Green Pepper, Diced

1 Red Pepper, Diced

1 Yellow Pepper, Diced

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 Cup of Sherry Vinegar

1 can Chicken or Vegetable stock

2 Tablespoons of Liquid Smoke

3 tablespoons of tomato paste

½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 cups of water

Salt & Pepper to taste

Directions: In a stock pot, pour in ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil and add shallots, peppers, and garlic over a medium heat, stirring occasionally. Let the vegetables sweat for 5 mins. Then add the collard greens. Pour in chicken / vegetable stock. Toss the greens so that the vegetables can be distributed throughout the collard greens. Add the liquid smoke. Stir. Add the tomato paste and the water, stirring until the paste has somewhat loosened. Cover and reduced heat to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Cook for 25 mins. The Collard Greens should be a vibrant dark Green color. Add salt & pepper to taste.

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