Special Sauces for a Special Tour

Special Sauces for a Special Tour


Last week, our culinary department paired tasty bites with some of our very special sauces for some equally special Foodie guests who toured our Harlem facility.  The guests were from New York City’s amazingly talented Whole Foods Markets team. And the sauces came straight from our kitchens.

The sauces included our home-made Barbecue Sauce, Strawberry Orange Jam, Asian Miso Sauce and Sweet & Sour Chutney Sauce. Ranging from savory to sweet, our guests tasted them all; starting with the strawberry orange jam as a topping for our fresh baked bread to our barbecue sauce paired with our grilled lemon chicken and fresh herbs. It was a wonderful event and we were all delighted with how well the sauces heightened each dish. If any of our followers attempted to make the Strawberry Orange Jam in our last post, we know you’ll understand!

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