RECIPE ALERT: Honey Oat Whole Wheat Rolls

RECIPE ALERT: Honey Oat Whole Wheat Rolls

Honey Oat Whole Wheat Roll Recipe!!!

Yesterday, we had a tasting at our Porter facility for baked goods that will be sold throughout the summer at a Farmer’s Market in Harlem (Location will be announced soon!) Our guest chef, Jake from Ribelle Restaurant, came all the way from Boston and taught our men some special baking techniques! They absorbed as much information as possible and put their schooling to the test! Here is the recipe for one of the baked goods that was created- Honey Oat Whole Wheat Rolls. You’ll never want to buy bread from the grocery store again!

Honey Oat Whole Wheat Roll Recipe

1½lbs water
½oz yeast
2tbl molasses
4oz honey
4oz eggs
2tbl salt
1lb bread flour
1lb all-purpose flour
1lb whole wheat flour

Directions: Place all the wet ingredients in a mixing bowl and let stand for 30 minutes. During this time, the mixture will ferment, which is the process where texture and taste develops. After foam rises to the top, place the remaining dry ingredients in the bowl and mix at a low speed for 10 minutes. Place mixture in a lightly greased stainless steel bowl. Cover and let it stand for another hour. Remove mixture from the bowl and place on a floured work table. Cut into 3oz pieces and roll into the shape of a ball. After making 2 slits on top of the dough, egg wash and let it stand for another 30 minutes. Place in pre-heated oven and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. When golden in color, remove from oven and let cool on wire rack. Now is the best part of this entire method… Eating it!!!

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