Barbara Sanders


Barbara has spent 13 years in The Doe Fund’s kitchens, helping to prepare tens of thousands of meals for men in The Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing & Able program.

Early on, she knew this job would be about much more than cooking meals. “I knew I would need to be a mentor to the men who worked with me in the kitchen.”

And she certainly has. Under her tutelage, hundreds of men have gained the skills and certifications they need to pursue their own careers in food service. For Barbara, watching her students achieve success for themselves is the ultimate reward.

Her popularity extends far beyond the Culinary Arts program. All the men in the program know that Barbara is always cooking up something delicious—and they especially love her cheesecake and cookies. It’s important to her to provide them with delicious meals, and to know they’ll never leave hungry.

They’re the reason she comes to work each day. She can’t let them down—that’s why after all these years, she’s never even taken a sick day.